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Welcome to my site, and thanks for scanning my QR code!

My name is Janessa Mann, and I am a first year student in the Master’s of Globalization -and International Development program at the University of Ottawa. I will be on co-op through the department in Summer 2017 and Winter 2018. I hope to find a co-op placement within the Federal Government to even out my work within Ottawa NGOs.

My major research paper topic is Canadian Indigenous women’s access to and participation in the maternal healthcare system. I am interested in how different cultural ideas can be implemented holistically within healthcare to create new systems that are more culturally relevant to the patients. I am also passionate about finding ways to make my research create policy change.

In Fall 2016 I served as a research intern under the direction of Adrienne Wiebe at Oxfam Canada, where I learned to write research briefs. In Winter 2017 I will be Mennonite Central Committee’s Research Advocacy Intern, where I will be helping the team research and write policy recommendations to the Federal Government. I am very excited about how these two opportunities will help me grow as a researcher!

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