Mother’s Day in Ottawa

Mother's Day in Ottawa - JanessaMann.Com

I’m very lucky that Nic and I live in Ottawa near our parents. The Saturday before Mother’s Day, I invited my moms out to lunch. We had an amazing brunch at Wild Oat in the Glebe (definitely going back!) and enjoyed a walk through Ottawa’s Tulip Festival.

I got the wild breakfast plate, two eggs, homemade bread (with their own jam!), yam hashbrowns, and sauteed vegetables. SO good. I can’t wait to go again!

Mother's Day - JanessaMann.Com

Mother's Day - JanessaMann.Com

I definitely love being back in Ottawa again – great to be with family, and the city is so beautiful!

Winnipeg in Spring

Winnipeg in Spring - JanessaMann.Com

On Wednesday night, Mom, Dad, and I flew into Winnipeg for some time with family and my cousin’s wedding! On Thursday we explored the Forks with my Oma, and had dinner with my Grandma and some other relatives.

Winnipeg in Spring - JanessaMann.Com
Assiniboine Zoo Conservatory

On Friday we went out to my aunt’s farm to visit with my mom’s family. It was a beautiful day full of sunshine, sprinting after the dog, and lots of babies!

On Saturday, Nic and I took a walk from the Manitoba Legislature down to the Forks. We picked up doughnuts from Oh Doughnuts and Fools and Horses on Broadway. In the afternoon we had lunch with my parents and Grandma, then picked up ice cream. My cousin’s wedding was in the evening.

Winnipeg in Spring - JanessaMann.Com
Wedding #1 of May!
Winnipeg in Spring - JanessaMann.Com
Congratulations Trent and Raela!

Sunny Days are Coming!

Sunny Days are Coming -
I absolutely love lying on this couch and staring into the light

On Wednesday morning I had a wonderful time reading on my pink grandma couch (inherited from Nic’s friend’s grandma). I love sitting in this spot to absorb some sun.

Sunny Days are Coming -
Planning, reading, and coveting Beyonce’s Ivy Park line

I’m definitely going to have to do a post on my current coffee table styling, but this is what my relaxed mornings usually look like: planning out my week, reading from my KOBO, and thumbing through magazines.

Sunny Days are Coming -

I was meeting up with Nic’s aunt for lunch, and on the way back I saw lots of tulips that have now opened!

Sunny Days are Coming -

Sunny Days are Coming -
I love this garage, the colours are always so fun to see on my walks, and I can’t wait to take more outfit pictures with it this summer!

Rainy Sunday Walk


This past Sunday I had a terrible migraine. Since sleeping and Advil wasn’t helping, we decided to go for a walk in the rain. It ended up being exaclty what I needed, and we checked out Creeds Coffee Bar along the way.


For May I am taking part in #mayibeginyoga2016, hosted by @kinoyoga and @beachyogagirl, for a chance to win gift cards to their yoga apparel companies!


Rainy Sunday Walk - JanessaMann.ComRainy Sunday Walk - JanessaMann.Com

Rainy Sunday Walk - JanessaMann.Com
Creeds Coffee Bar

I accidentally took the picture of our drinks on the wrong setting, so it’s just black. Really? C’mon, camera, how can you not automatically say “I know that’s the wrong setting, let me fix that for you.” Oh, that’s Auto. Oops.

Anyway, my chai latte was delicious, and Nic liked his cappucino.

A Mini Spring Haul

This Saturday Nic and I headed down to the mall at Keele to pick up some things including bike brakes at Canadian Tire. For the fun things, I picked up a new colouring book, which will be a lot better at de-stressing and more fun than the one I bought in September. Nic bought me this adorable “Some Bunny Loves You” mug from Home Sense, and it’s so cute! There’s also a cake carryer and Nature’s Gate Chamomile Conditioner
Wouldn’t you just LOVE to have those plants? They would just liven up everything. 

That mug is just so adorable.

My babies are coming up!

Marble Easter Egg DIY

Marble Easter Egg DIY -
Do you love Easter and Easter eggs? I do! Keep reading to find a super cool way to decorate your eggs this year!
Marble Easter Egg DIY - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.Ca

I spent several days looking at different and cool ways to do Easter eggs. As you can see on my Pinterest board, you can use natural dyes (plants and spices), gold leaf, decoupage, or my favourite but most complicated, Ukrainian Easter eggs. In order to make it a super cheap DIY, I went with this awesome marbled egg design.

What you need:
Real, hardboiled eggs, or fake eggs with smooth surfaces
A container you’re okay to throw out
Room-temperature water (the nail polish will sink if the water is cold)
Nail polish of your choice
A stirring stick
A tray to hold the eggs while they dry
Rubber gloves

Marble Easter Egg DIY - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.Ca

Pour several drops of the nail polish into the water. Let it spread out by itself first on the top of the water, and then stir it so that you get a cooler design.

Marble Easter Egg DIY - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.Ca

The nailpolish makes a film on the water, so when you dip the eggs in a spot, that’s what you’re getting. You can do one side at a time, then lay the egg down to dry. They dry relatively quickly, and then you can get to the other side.

Keep in mind: sometimes there is a very, very faint layer of nailpolish in the surface which will make the drops not spread out properly. Clear away the film before you go again.

Marble Easter Egg DIY - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.Ca

Don’t you just love that bunny cookie jar and bunny bank? You can tell I have a thing for bunnies.

Marble Easter Egg DIY - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.Ca

Marble Easter Egg DIY - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.Ca

I made this adorable centrepiece to go with it, and I love the white and blue theme.

Easy Spring Wreath DIY From the Dollar Store

Easy Spring Wreath DIY From the Dollar Store -

Every season in our apartment I have loved making a wreath for our door. It’s a little old-fashioned, but it brings a lot more life to the hallway. I went to Dollarama, my favourite super cheap crafting store and picked up a bunch of things for my wreath. Of course, I have a Pinterest board dedicated to wreath ideas.
Check out my previous wreaths: Christmas and early fall (at the bottom)

Easy Spring Wreath DIY From the Dollar Store -

What you need:
Base for the wreath – anything round in the correct size will do. I contemplated using a steering wheel cover from the dollar store, then found this planter which has removable side posts. You can also take a regular wire clothes hanger and bend it into a circle.
Floral wire – or twine to attache all the pieces together. I used twine on my fall wreath because it blended in with the grape vine I was using. I got the super thin, flat stuff that is easy to bend.
Garland – it’s obviously super easy to just wind garlands around your circle, so that makes it a lot faster than individually attaching pieces
Any filler – if you want other greenery or flowers to attach to it, get some too.

Easy Spring Wreath DIY From the Dollar Store -

Step 1
Separate the greenery from the extra stuff that you want.

Easy Spring Wreath DIY From the Dollar Store -

Step 2
Use the wire to attach the greenery to the hoop so the flowers will have something to fix to. If you’re using rope instead, tie little loops with double knots around the hoop. With the wire method, you can wind it around to hold it especially tight.

Easy Spring Wreath DIY From the Dollar Store -

Step 3
Finish attaching all the greenery and make sure you like it’s placement before you add the garlands.

Easy Spring Wreath DIY From the Dollar Store -

Step 4
Wind the garlands around the wreath. I went pretty slowly and wound fairly tightly so that the flowers would stay front-facing when you’re done. For my wreath I used two garlands which were both over a meter long.

Easy Spring Wreath DIY From the Dollar Store -

Easy Spring Wreath DIY From the Dollar Store -

Step 5
When the wreath is hanging up, adjust it so that the greenery and flowers are showing the way you want them to.

What do you think? Do you love wreaths like I do? Have you made one for Easter yet?