First Cross-Country Skiing of the Season

Cross-Country Skiing in November - JanessaMann.Com

On Thursday, November 24th, we got lots of beautiful, fresh powder in Ottawa. I waited very, very impatiently through class, and Nic coming home from work, for us to go cross-country skiing. We walked to the Rideau River, and then skied along to Vincent Massey Park.


We definitely got weird looks when we were walking down Bank Street with our skis, but once we got to the path, there were a couple tracks that looked like skis. We’re very lucky to be so close to an easy trail, right by the water.


Nic and I chose the wrong wax for my skis for the temperature, so I couldn’t move much at first until we scraped it all off. Once we did so,  I could ski much faster.


I’m looking forward to learning how to photograph at dusk. And in the winter. Not sure which setting this was, so I’m pretty sad.


It was such a beautiful evening, I can’t wait for more snow to come soon because I’d love to go for longer. That can be my cardio.

Home to Ottawa – Hometown Tourist

This past weekend I took the train “home” to Ottawa to check out OttawaU for grad school. I’m very scared, but I’m applying to the Master’s of Globalization and International Development. I hadn’t really wanted to tell people, in case I don’t get in, but so many people asked me why I was home, and what I’m planning on doing further from now. I’m currently hard at work on scholarship applications, and very excited about what the future holds for me and Nic.

After talking to professors and to people in the Graduate Studies office, I walked around the Rideau Centre (waaaayyy quieter than the Eaton Centre, I can’t believe I used to complain about it) then took a reading break along the river.

Saturday morning, Kelsey and I went to Suzy Q’s for doughnuts. We love that place. If you’re ever in Ottawa, check it out. 
We also had to go to IKEA, and loved every minute of it. I had such a great time catching up with her. 
Kelsey and her dog, Rogue

I had a great weekend at home, staying with my parents. After my time with Kelsey, I had lunch at my in-laws, and supper with some friends. I certainly missed Nic (five months of marriage on that Friday, and we’d never spent a night apart since the wedding) but it was good to be back. 
Who knows? Maybe we’ll be moving there in August.