Summer Outfits

Summer Outfits - JanessaMann.Com
Fresh pineapple juice in a pineapple

Sometimes I go super casual- Ottawa Senators cap and this striped, strappy crop top. I wear it at the beach, I wear it for working out, and with maxi skirts.

Summer Outfits - JanessaMann.Com

Gap striped tank and Forever 21 shorts

Summer Outfits - JanessaMann.Com

Grey v-neck from Gap and Forever 21 joggers

Summer Outfits - JanessaMann.Com

Crop tops always for the summer – the paisley skirt was from a thrift store, but the scoop neck crop is one of those super cheap ones from H&M. Score.

Summer Outfits - JanessaMann.Com

This outfit absolutely felt like I was some Arabian princess-with the Samurai top-knot, crop top, and the maxi skirt.

First Anniversary - JanessaMann.Com

Our First Wedding Anniversary

First Anniversary - JanessaMann.Com
We took the ferry across to Toronto Island

Nic and I got married June 20, 2015 in Ottawa, where we grew up. For our first anniversary, we decided we would go to Toronto Island for a beach day, and then have a delicious dinner out. Our original plans were much more grandiose-weekend hiking trip in Algonquin or on the Bruce Peninsula, bed & breakfast and a show in Stratford… But we realized that with a grad student and and under-employed-future-grad-student income, it made more sense to stick close to home.

First Anniversary - JanessaMann.Com
Always use a protective pouch if using electronics at the beach!

Neither of us had been to the Islands before, so this was a lot of fun. We packed up all our essentials, and spent a really hot, relaxing day in the sun. Yes, I got a terrible burn despite repeat applications of sunscreen.

First Anniversary - JanessaMann.Com
I love building sandcastles

Since Nic had strained his shoulder, we knew we wouldn’t be able to play any sports at the beach. We decided to pick up a bucket and some shovels to make a sandcastle-it was a lot of fun. People kept passing by it and saying how awesome it was, probably thinking it was made by children, not two twenty-five-year-olds. We had some good laughs.

We walked from Ward’s Island to Centre Island, which was much busier, and got some fresh pineapple juice.

First Anniversary - JanessaMann.Com
Nic bought me peonies, my favourite flowers
First Anniversary - JanessaMann.Com
Our friend Winston recommended Byblos, and it was delicious

Byblos is a Mediterranean restaurant in the Entertainment District, and they’re phenomenal. We each got a fancy cocktail (my cucumber, mint + vodka was perfect) and then shared some plates.

First Anniversary - JanessaMann.Com

Our last dish arrived after I took this picture, and we had eaten too much of the food for me to take another one. Oops! We had the best, spiciest olives, cauliflower, fried chicken, and pide.

First Anniversary - JanessaMann.Com

The waitress brought us some Turkish ice cream because she knew it was our anniversary-so sweet! The booth we sat in was also super romantic. I’m so glad we went there.

Our first year of marriage has been so wonderful. First and foremost, obviously it’s been awesome living with Nic-we don’t have to be long-distance anymore, or be worried we’ll miss the last bus home because we’re having a great conversation, and there’s always our favourite person to hang out with when we get home. Second, it’s been really cool to see our relationship evolve-we’ve seen each other through tough times, dashed hopes, and joys, and have learned how to be humble about our mistakes. Third, we’ve gotten to explore places together-not just our temporary city of Toronto, but our honeymoon in Nova Scotia, bringing Nic to Manitoba for my Grandpa’s funeral, and our dream trips (B.C., New Zealand and Australia…). I’m so happy we found each other, and I can’t wait for every single anniversary after this one.

First Anniversary - JanessaMann.Com

Sunglasses: thrifted
Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Suzy Shier
Heels: JustFab

First Anniversary - JanessaMann.Com

After dinner we walked (I limped, I haven’t worn heels in months, and those four-inch babies were killing me) to the waterfront, shared a drink at the Amsterdam Brewery, and watched the sunset on the first day of summer.

A Walk in Cedarvale Ravine - JanessaMann.Com

A Walk in Cedarvale Ravine

A Walk in Cedarvale Ravine - JanessaMann.Com

Nic and I live near the Cedarvale Ravine in Toronto, which was one of the big draws of the area. From tip to tip it’s about a half hour walk, and for most of the time you can’t tell that you are in a city. When we went for this walk yesterday morning, I told Nic that it was definitely good for my mental health.

A Walk in Cedarvale Ravine - JanessaMann.Com

We’ve started going on walks every day, which is definitely my favourite part of the day since we get to catch up on lots of stuff in our lives and focus only on each other. I also need doses of nature to keep myself happy living in Toronto.


This red-winged blackbird posed for me for about five minutes! I wish I had a telephoto lens so I could get even better nature photography!


I love swinging, and had a blast on this. It’s the simple things!

Raybans RB4184 Wayfarers in Tortoise: Lenscrafters
Cropped boat-cut top: H&M
Paisley skirt: thrift store from years ago, and I hemmed it so it’s knee-length
T-strap Birkenstocks: SoftMoc

A Walk in Cedarvale Ravine - JanessaMann.Com

All the blossoms were a little tired after the 27* weather, but they’ve bounced back in my bud vases at home.

Watch: Stuhrling Men’s Original 884.01
Turquoise ring: The Patch at Sauble Beach
Thin wedding band: W Jewellery
Silver bracelets: assorted from family

Saturday Afternoon

This past Saturday afternoon after my shift at the gym, Nic and I took the streetcar out to High Park to meet our friends Dayna and Christian. It was a beautiful day, but definitely colder than it looked. We sat on their blanket for a while, and if you were in the right spot, the sun was bright enough you were almost warm.

The trees are starting to bud, which is wonderful!

After separating, Nic and I went to the Annex, where we had drinks and the most amazing nachos at Hey Lucy. Again, in direct sunlight on the patio you sort of felt warm.


My Outfit: H&M army green jacket
Gap striped top
Black jeans from Forever 21
Joe Fresh tennis shoes

Toronto’s Buskerfest

We love freshly squeezed lemonade.
This weekend was Toronto’s Buskerfest. Nic and I decided to stop in on our way to my eye appointment at the Eaton Centre’s Lenscrafters, and we were glad we did. 

OOTD: Costa Blanca cami
Pleather motorcycle jacket from Forever21
Jeans from Winners

We got a blooming onion

Nic always talks about how delicious the blooming onions are, and since we were hungry, we decided we “needed” to order one. It’s exactly what it sounds and looks like: a large onion, sliced so you can pull it apart, and deep-fried. Delicious, but not nutritious.

He’s excited for the onion.
Something about spinning plates on those pipes.

 I wasn’t super enthused about the buskers we saw. If we had had more time, we would have listened to the bands, but the performers weren’t anything new. There were so many people out for the festival that you couldn’t see. (That picture is by holding the camera a meter above me, I didn’t actually see it.)

Grabbing money in the Car2Go booth

Nic and I have talked about getting a Car2Go membership to do errands in Toronto. They had a booth set up with a promotion of a $10 registration fee, instead of the usual $35, and half of it was going to Epilepsy Toronto.  You could also step into the booth to try to catch as many extra minutes as possible. I apparently did a lot better than most people, and got about 30 extra minutes. Score.

Reading break

After my eye appointment my eyes were fuzzy (stupid eyedrops) so when we stopped for our caffeine break, Nic read to me. That was nice. I needed that. He’s cute.

Exploring Chinatown and Kensington Market in Toronto

Beautiful vases
I’ve always wanted the cat that waves its paw, those look just as cute!
We were visiting friends in Hamilton later, and Nic wanted to pick up a bonsai for a houswarming present.
Coffee break at the Dark Horse
Nic’s espresso, my lemonade, a strawberry rhubarb scone, and Christian’s bonsai
Casual OOTD

 Tee from Garage, pants from Forever 21, sandals from Soft Moc.

Visiting a record store
Weird things in the Cocktail Emporium

Exploring Toronto’s Distillery District

On Saturday Nic and I decided to go to Toronto’s Distillery District. I’ve heard lots about it, but mostly at Christmastime. When we arrived, we realized that there were Pan Am Games stuff happening, so it was a little busier than we would have liked. However, we had a nice afternoon walking around the shops (finding some REALLY weird things in them), had drinks on a patio, and stopped for soft serve on the way home. 
Locks of love in the district
Weird wooden penis bottle openers. Only $30. 
I love looking through vintage stores, and this place (other than the penises) had some very beautiful things.
Patio season

 Nic and I love patios, and since my lower back was getting real tired, we decided to stop and get a beer. I don’t like beer, so I was going to order a raspberry lemonade that had liquor, but Nic suggested I get the “beermosa,” which was on special at the time. Whoops. A wheat ale and pineapple juice doesn’t sound that bad, but I had to force it down, to make us feel like we hadn’t wasted $5. Better luck next time, Mill Street Pub.

As it seems from the last time I posted an outfit, all I wear in public is my black maxi skirt from Costa Blanca (loved their going out of business sale, even though it means they’re gone), as well as this grey crop from H&M. Lipstick is Revlon Lasting Finish by Kate #110.