Summer To-Do List


Happy Doughnut Day! Gloryhole Doughnuts in Toronto - JanessaMann.Com

Last week we got to go to Gloryhole Doughnuts, and we want to continue to check out all the cool coffeeshops in Toronto, because there are SOOO many.

On the topic of desserts, we’ll keep on checking out other ice cream and specialty dessert places. Keep your eyes peeled for a gelato trip or two!

Beach Day at Woodbine Park - JanessaMann.Com

Woodbine Beach is very easy for us to get to (though a little long, since it’s an hour by subway and streetcar) so we like to go as much as we can. It’s also pretty easy for our out-of-town friends to drive in to see us.

We also are planning on going to the Toronto Island for a beach trip for our anniversary. I’ve never been, so I’m excited to see what it’s like!

Fully decked nachos at Hey Lucy

Continue to visit more patios and try out all the local alcohol. I recently discovered Brickworks Cider, and their 401 cider is delish!


Bike rides along the lakeshore and elsewhere (once my brakes are fixed, of course).

We’ll also bike out to High Park again to enjoy Shakespeare in High Park, which was a lot of fun last year. They’re putting on Hamlet! Pay what you can, check it out and bring some wine and cheese!


More camping with friends, and finally going rockclimbing outside! Last year my back’s health wasn’t the best, so I didn’t feel comfortable doing it. This year? I’m in.

Also, lots of hiking if possible (though I do work weekends).


Spending time at the cottage! We’re definitely going to be there for a couple days in July, and hopefully once we’ve moved back to Ottawa in August. I miss that place so much.

Happy Doughnut Day! Gloryhole Doughnuts in Toronto - JanessaMann.Com

Check out random stores – we went to the Toronto Designer’s Market and lots of antique stores last week. It’s super cool to see all the stuff there.


Celebrate our first anniversary!!!!!!!!

Friendsgiving Monday – Rattlesnake Point

On Thanksgiving Monday, Nic and I hopped in our Car2Go and drove to Rattlesnake Point in Halton Hills to see our friends.

Dayna climbing
Love my Blunnies

Nic climbing

I`m learning how to crochet!

Nic and Christian

Happy Thanksgiving! It`s our first one as a married couple!

Camping at Rattlesnake Point in Milton, Ontario

Some of our University friends are really into rockclimbing, so they suggested we go camping at Rattlesnake Point, and then climb there. Unfortunately my back is not yet ready for rockclimbing (I remember what happened last time, and that was on a set-up wall) but it was still a really fun weekend. And I only saw a glance of a snake, so I didn’t have to scream.

Nic and I purchased our Nikon D3300 this week using wedding gift money and MasterCard rewards. We’re so excited to finally own a DSLR (I’ve been dreaming about it for years). I hope you like the pictures!

Jonathan is in school for Traditional Chinese Medicine, and had hurt his shoulder, so he had his acupuncture needles with him. I’ve never appreciated acupuncture, but I asked if he could try it out on me because of my flare-up that week. Maybe it was a placebo effect of hoping it would go well, but I think it loosened my back up some!
Sangwoo made us Korean BBQ for Saturday supper. It was delicious. Who doesn’t love homemade kimchi!?
Nic watching the fire on Saturday night
Hiking along the cliff

Dayna rockclimbing