Winnipeg in Spring

Winnipeg in Spring - JanessaMann.Com

On Wednesday night, Mom, Dad, and I flew into Winnipeg for some time with family and my cousin’s wedding! On Thursday we explored the Forks with my Oma, and had dinner with my Grandma and some other relatives.

Winnipeg in Spring - JanessaMann.Com
Assiniboine Zoo Conservatory

On Friday we went out to my aunt’s farm to visit with my mom’s family. It was a beautiful day full of sunshine, sprinting after the dog, and lots of babies!

On Saturday, Nic and I took a walk from the Manitoba Legislature down to the Forks. We picked up doughnuts from Oh Doughnuts and Fools and Horses on Broadway. In the afternoon we had lunch with my parents and Grandma, then picked up ice cream. My cousin’s wedding was in the evening.

Winnipeg in Spring - JanessaMann.Com
Wedding #1 of May!
Winnipeg in Spring - JanessaMann.Com
Congratulations Trent and Raela!

Central Experimental Farm

Looking for something fun to do in the spring in Ottawa? The Central Experimental Farm has lots of baby animals that you can meet. Obviously one of my favourite things to do!

We went to the farm with Nic’s family, and the piglets, baby goats, lambs, kits (baby bunnies), calves, etc., were so adorable. For lunch we went to Rosa’s on Dow’s Lake, then walked around Hogs Back Falls.

Manitoba trip for Grandpa’s funeral

I got Nic “The Last Kingdom” to read on the trip, and I’m looking forward to reading it after.

My Dad’s dad, Leonard, passed away on Sunday, November 8th. The funeral was in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on November 14th. Mom managed to get Ryan, Deanna, Nic, and me flights on her points, so the four of us were able to get out there. It was Nic’s first time in Manitoba!

Friday morning the four of us drove out to my aunt and uncle’s farm for a family lunch. Since moving to Toronto, I’ve definitely missed seeing wide open spaces all teh time.

Uncle Bob and Aunt Ruth’s dog, Casey

Grandpa’s funeral was on Saturday morning. All four of the children shared different aspects of Grandpa’s life. It was really cool to find out so many things about him that we hadn’t known. It’s also always a shock to realize somehow those four kids survived all their shenanigans growing up on the farm!

The Mann cousins

We had the same flight back to Toronto!