I ❤ Fall Tag - JanessaMann.Com

I ❤ Fall Tag

I ❤ Fall Tag - JanessaMann.Com

Yes, I know I haven’t posted since I started grad school. Sorry about that! I’m hoping that now that I’ve been in school for almost two months I’ve figured out scheduling, so I’ll be able to post once or twice a week here! I figured I would start back off with some fall inspiration, and soon I’ll get to posting about our new apartment and all the things we’ve been doing since moving back to Ottawa!

I ❤ Fall Tag - JanessaMann.Com

1. Favourite fall lip product

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick #124 “Bordeaux”, Clinique Chubby stick intense #08 “Grandest Grape”, NARS “Funny Face”, and MAC #A74 “Kinda Sexy”

2. Favourite fall nail polishes

Essie “Wicked” and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails #120 “Bad to the Bone”

I ❤ Fall Tag - JanessaMann.Com


3. Favourite Starbucks fall drink

(Non-fat, no-whip) pumpkin spice latte, but really all I want is a tea latte. Probably a nice, spicy chai, or a London Fog.

I ❤ Fall Tag - JanessaMann.Com
Pumpkin candle from DW Home

4. Favourite fall candle

Anything pumpkin and spicy

5. Favourite fall scarf or accessory

Last fall I bought this awesome reversible blanket scarf from the Bay. It was a promotion during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and supposedly some of the money went towards research. I had been looking for the perfect size, pattern, and warmth, and this fit the list. It was even 100% manufactured fabric, so no wool to give me hives! I love to wear it open, or wrapped all around me. This weekend on the Greyhound I used it as a blanket. Perfect.

6. Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?

I had really wished we would have had time to go to Saunders Farm outside of Ottawa this October, but I’m busy every weekend, and we don’t have a car to drive out there. In high school it was always lots of fun, because you get to go around being scared by people, go on the hayride, watching their satirical play, and drinking hot apple cider. My least favourite parts were the haunted houses.

7. Favourite Halloween movie?

I definitely don’t watch scary movies, but if I was going to watch something creepy and fun, it’d be something along the lines of “Hot Fuzz.”

I ❤ Fall Tag - JanessaMann.Com
Pumpkin cream cheese pop tarts

8. Favourite treat?

If I’m not going for pumpkin or apple pie, it would have to be these amazing pop tarts I made for one time we hosted friends!

9. Favourite fall activities

We all know how much I love to hike, so obviously that’s my favourite. I also love baking lots of fall things, celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family, and carving pumpkins!


Blaine and Leah’s Wedding

On Saturday, October 3rd my friends Blaine and Leah got married! I met Blaine in my first year at Conrad Grebel, and we bonded over working out, hockey, faith, and needing to study hard. I met Leah a bit after they started dating at Waterloo JazzFest, and they visited me last fall in Ottawa.
The two are a really great couple, and I’m so happy for them!

Delicious pretzels after the ceremony
Leah’s adorable shoes
Work it

Their kissing game involved rolling two die, to determine what weight and how many reps you would curl with that. Chris is holding a Leafs jersey behind me because I exsplained Blaine and I had bonded over our love for hockey, despite him choosing a worse team.

They’re so in love.
Blaine was one of my closest friends during undergrad

So happy to celebrate with him!

Sarah and Cody are adorable.

Fall inspiration: Martin’s Apples

Turban squash

This Saturday we drove with our aunt and uncle to a family gathering, and stopped at Martin’s orchards for some produce. It was cold, but I loved taking pictures of the beautiful squash they had.

I’m loving my new scarf/poncho thing

OOTD: scarf thing from Hudson’s Bay, it’s a fundraiser for Breast Cancer research, but I couldn’t find it on their website. It’s reversible, so you can have tan or black on the outside.
White sweater from Target
My wonderful black $10 jeans from Forever21
Brown leather riding boots by Cougar

He’s a cutie

Delicious snack: cinnamon apple chips

A Terrific and Tasty Tuesday

Well that was a lame title. But it’s true. Maybe I’ll get better at titles later.
I was very thankful this morning that I wasn’t working, because my insomnia kicked in. I woke up at 3am for my 9:30am yoga class. I decided I could skip the class in favour for maybe napping in the morning. That didn’t work out, but I did read two books on my Asus tablet turned e-reader, “Shadowplay” (a fantasy novel set several thousand years in the future) and  “Cloche and Dagger“. I’m onto my third of the day, another cozy murder mystery, “A Potion to Die For,” in time for Halloween. Check out my GoodReads widget on the side to see what else I’ve been reading. It seems like I’m going to hit my goal of 200 books in 2014. That’s awesome.

Pumpkin cinnamon rolls 

I decided I needed to do some baking today to use up some energy. I came across a recipe for pumpkin cinnamon rolls, and knew I had to try them. I’ve never actually baked cinnamon rolls (I’ve done cakes and pull-apart breads, but never the regular thing) despite it being my favourite food. These instructions by Cooking Classy looked straightforward enough, so I made them.
MAN were they good!

And cream cheese icing wowwuhh!!

My neighbour’s cat, Timmy really likes to visit for scratches, and I let him into the kitchen a tiny bit, despite being very allergic. I suffered hives for a while after he left, but he was so content getting his belly rubbed and purring that I couldn’t let silly hives stop me.

He kept getting confused by the string on the curtains
Kisses from my Timmykins

It was a beautiful day out, so I kept the screen door open to let in the breeze. 15 degrees right before Halloween? I’m definitely not in Ottawa…

Neighbour’s Japanese Maple still burning bright

I painted my nails with Essie’s “Wicked,” my favourite dark, almost black colour. Perfectly vampy.
I hope y’all had a good Tuesday! Tonight we have a choir rehearsal for our concert this weekend!