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El Rincon – Margarita Monday and Taco Tuesday

El Rincon - JanessaMann.Com

The other day when we were walking through our neighbourhood, we spotted a sign at El Rincon saying they had a back patio. Nic and I love to eat “al fresco,” so I checked them out. Turns out they have $5 margaritas on Mondays, and $2 tacos on Tuesdays. We quickly decided to go there for a couple dates, and really enjoyed it.

Yes, there were supposed to be lots more photos, but I did a newb photography mistake of thinking I had uploaded all the pictures from that day (I had the earlier ones, why wouldn’t I have the evening ones? gah!) and deleted them. I even had adorable outfit pictures with a neighbourhood cat who really wanted to sniff my feet.

El Rincon - JanessaMann.Com

The margaritas were deeeelish, and so were the tacos. You ordered four of a kind (which is too bad, I miss Taco Farm in Waterloo where you can get as many of whatever you want), so we split the veggie and chicken ones. Both had great flavours, and I found out I like Modelo beers (their coronas weren’t cold, and I thought I was agreeing to warmer Coronas, not a different beer. Oops, coulda saved $4+ tip and tax).

El Rincon - JanessaMann.Com

Both times we’ve been at the restaurant we’ve enjoyed ourselves. It’s so chill in the back with the latin music, and everyone is loving the food and alcohol. If you’re looking for a cheap night with a date or friends, definitely check them out!

Favourite Toronto Restaurants - JanessaMann.Com

Taco Ice Cream Sundae at Booyah Ice Cream

Booyah Ice Cream - JanessaMann.Com

There are lots of specialty ice cream places in Toronto. Some of them live up to the hype (Sweet Jesus) and some don’t (Dutch Dreams), but all of them offer unique experiences, so if you like ice cream and don’t mind lines, check them out this summer!

Booyah Ice Cream - JanessaMann.Com

Nic and I were lucky on our trip to Booyah at St. Clair West and Vaughan (Bathurst) that there wasn’t a line ahead of us. Booyah  offers different ice cream sandwiches. You can pick the type of cookie and scoops of ice cream, but this summer they added ice cream tacos. In the folded waffle is three scoops of ice cream, two toppings, and a sauce.

Booyah Ice Cream - JanessaMann.Com

Booyah Ice Cream - JanessaMann.Com

We tried moose tracks, cookie dough, and blueberry cheesecake with whipped cream, brownie bits, cookie dough, and caramel sauce. Yes, it was worth the money, but I’m definitely glad we split it! It was soooo big!

Booyah Ice Cream - JanessaMann.Com

A Walk in Cedarvale Ravine - JanessaMann.Com

A Walk in Cedarvale Ravine

A Walk in Cedarvale Ravine - JanessaMann.Com

Nic and I live near the Cedarvale Ravine in Toronto, which was one of the big draws of the area. From tip to tip it’s about a half hour walk, and for most of the time you can’t tell that you are in a city. When we went for this walk yesterday morning, I told Nic that it was definitely good for my mental health.

A Walk in Cedarvale Ravine - JanessaMann.Com

We’ve started going on walks every day, which is definitely my favourite part of the day since we get to catch up on lots of stuff in our lives and focus only on each other. I also need doses of nature to keep myself happy living in Toronto.


This red-winged blackbird posed for me for about five minutes! I wish I had a telephoto lens so I could get even better nature photography!


I love swinging, and had a blast on this. It’s the simple things!

Raybans RB4184 Wayfarers in Tortoise: Lenscrafters
Cropped boat-cut top: H&M
Paisley skirt: thrift store from years ago, and I hemmed it so it’s knee-length
T-strap Birkenstocks: SoftMoc

A Walk in Cedarvale Ravine - JanessaMann.Com

All the blossoms were a little tired after the 27* weather, but they’ve bounced back in my bud vases at home.

Watch: Stuhrling Men’s Original 884.01
Turquoise ring: The Patch at Sauble Beach
Thin wedding band: W Jewellery
Silver bracelets: assorted from family

Sunny Days are Coming!

Sunny Days are Coming - JanessaMann.com
I absolutely love lying on this couch and staring into the light

On Wednesday morning I had a wonderful time reading on my pink grandma couch (inherited from Nic’s friend’s grandma). I love sitting in this spot to absorb some sun.

Sunny Days are Coming - JanessaMann.com
Planning, reading, and coveting Beyonce’s Ivy Park line

I’m definitely going to have to do a post on my current coffee table styling, but this is what my relaxed mornings usually look like: planning out my week, reading from my KOBO, and thumbing through magazines.

Sunny Days are Coming - JanessaMann.com

I was meeting up with Nic’s aunt for lunch, and on the way back I saw lots of tulips that have now opened!

Sunny Days are Coming - JanessaMann.com

Sunny Days are Coming - JanessaMann.com
I love this garage, the colours are always so fun to see on my walks, and I can’t wait to take more outfit pictures with it this summer!

Rainy Sunday Walk


This past Sunday I had a terrible migraine. Since sleeping and Advil wasn’t helping, we decided to go for a walk in the rain. It ended up being exaclty what I needed, and we checked out Creeds Coffee Bar along the way.


For May I am taking part in #mayibeginyoga2016, hosted by @kinoyoga and @beachyogagirl, for a chance to win gift cards to their yoga apparel companies!


Rainy Sunday Walk - JanessaMann.ComRainy Sunday Walk - JanessaMann.Com

Rainy Sunday Walk - JanessaMann.Com
Creeds Coffee Bar

I accidentally took the picture of our drinks on the wrong setting, so it’s just black. Really? C’mon, camera, how can you not automatically say “I know that’s the wrong setting, let me fix that for you.” Oh, that’s Auto. Oops.

Anyway, my chai latte was delicious, and Nic liked his cappucino.

Thanksgiving Sunday: Hosting our Family!

For Sunday lunch we had cauliflower lentil stew, fruit, and fresh cheese from the market! 
Cheese plate
I made this cheese board for Nic and me last year (I made a matching one for Ryan and Deanna’s wedding). The knives are from Monica for my bridal shower, and say “to have” and “to hold,” which is absolutely adorable. 

Dad, Mom, Deanna, Ryan, me, and Nic, on our Sunday walk through Cedarvale Park
I love to bake pies, so I made apple tarts for each of us to eat as a snack Sunday afternoon. Thanks to Martha’s guidance I got the perfect pastry for tarts this time around, wonderfully flaky. I was pretty happy with my performance. 
The food

Nic pointed out a couple days later that we should have closed the bedroom door for this. Yup, since Mom and Dad’s stuff is in there, including the air mattresses, and some of the stuff from our living room.

The Menu:
Roasted butternut squash, lentil, cranberry, and brussel sprout salad
Cranberry sauce
Delicious stuffing using my mother-in-law’s recipe
Vegetarian gravy (stock + corn starch essentially)
Mashed potatoes
Spinach, pear, and goat cheese salad

The dining table

Gold Autumn Scroll table cloth from Bed Bath and Beyond
Gold flecked napkins from Bed Bath and Beyond last Christmas
Tea lights, white pumpkins, and a beautiful arrangement from Tidy’s Flowers


So thankful for my wonderful family! Nic and I were very happy to host my parents for the weekend, and Ryan and Deanna for the day. It was a cool experience to show off our neighbourhood, Nic’s lab, my gym, and some other parts of Toronto we’ve been loving.

Exploring Toronto: St. Clair West

This Saturday Nic and I decided to go for a long walk in our neighbourhood, St. Clair West. We walk down that way frequently in the evening when we walk to Salsa lessons, but the stores are closed. We figured we’d stop in them.
St. Clair West is a really great neighbourhood, I’m happy that we live here! We’ve been having a lot of fun exploring our area. 
Nic in our alley

 What a cutie! Lol. I determined this would be a great spot for OOTDs. Not that I wanted one there.

Sea Witch

 We really want to go to the Sea Witch for dinner sometime, we are obsessed with fish and chips.


One of the consignment stores along St. Clair is Gypsy, they have lots of cool clothes. They’re currently having a sale on all clothes all August~!

Then we went into Caravan, which is the sister store to Gypsy. They have beautiful china, and other wonderful things.


What an adorable outfit, red tank from American Apparel, and high waisted shorts from Goodwill.

Krave Coffee

On our way back, we stopped at Krave Coffee, which is an adorable coffee shop, that has a beautiful design, and nice coffee. They let us taste their medium blend, and then Nic bought a bag for a good price, and we’re looking forward to going there some more!