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I ❤ Fall Tag

I ❤ Fall Tag - JanessaMann.Com

Yes, I know I haven’t posted since I started grad school. Sorry about that! I’m hoping that now that I’ve been in school for almost two months I’ve figured out scheduling, so I’ll be able to post once or twice a week here! I figured I would start back off with some fall inspiration, and soon I’ll get to posting about our new apartment and all the things we’ve been doing since moving back to Ottawa!

I ❤ Fall Tag - JanessaMann.Com

1. Favourite fall lip product

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick #124 “Bordeaux”, Clinique Chubby stick intense #08 “Grandest Grape”, NARS “Funny Face”, and MAC #A74 “Kinda Sexy”

2. Favourite fall nail polishes

Essie “Wicked” and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails #120 “Bad to the Bone”

I ❤ Fall Tag - JanessaMann.Com


3. Favourite Starbucks fall drink

(Non-fat, no-whip) pumpkin spice latte, but really all I want is a tea latte. Probably a nice, spicy chai, or a London Fog.

I ❤ Fall Tag - JanessaMann.Com
Pumpkin candle from DW Home

4. Favourite fall candle

Anything pumpkin and spicy

5. Favourite fall scarf or accessory

Last fall I bought this awesome reversible blanket scarf from the Bay. It was a promotion during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and supposedly some of the money went towards research. I had been looking for the perfect size, pattern, and warmth, and this fit the list. It was even 100% manufactured fabric, so no wool to give me hives! I love to wear it open, or wrapped all around me. This weekend on the Greyhound I used it as a blanket. Perfect.

6. Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?

I had really wished we would have had time to go to Saunders Farm outside of Ottawa this October, but I’m busy every weekend, and we don’t have a car to drive out there. In high school it was always lots of fun, because you get to go around being scared by people, go on the hayride, watching their satirical play, and drinking hot apple cider. My least favourite parts were the haunted houses.

7. Favourite Halloween movie?

I definitely don’t watch scary movies, but if I was going to watch something creepy and fun, it’d be something along the lines of “Hot Fuzz.”

I ❤ Fall Tag - JanessaMann.Com
Pumpkin cream cheese pop tarts

8. Favourite treat?

If I’m not going for pumpkin or apple pie, it would have to be these amazing pop tarts I made for one time we hosted friends!

9. Favourite fall activities

We all know how much I love to hike, so obviously that’s my favourite. I also love baking lots of fall things, celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family, and carving pumpkins!


Summer To-Do List


Happy Doughnut Day! Gloryhole Doughnuts in Toronto - JanessaMann.Com

Last week we got to go to Gloryhole Doughnuts, and we want to continue to check out all the cool coffeeshops in Toronto, because there are SOOO many.

On the topic of desserts, we’ll keep on checking out other ice cream and specialty dessert places. Keep your eyes peeled for a gelato trip or two!

Beach Day at Woodbine Park - JanessaMann.Com

Woodbine Beach is very easy for us to get to (though a little long, since it’s an hour by subway and streetcar) so we like to go as much as we can. It’s also pretty easy for our out-of-town friends to drive in to see us.

We also are planning on going to the Toronto Island for a beach trip for our anniversary. I’ve never been, so I’m excited to see what it’s like!

Fully decked nachos at Hey Lucy

Continue to visit more patios and try out all the local alcohol. I recently discovered Brickworks Cider, and their 401 cider is delish!


Bike rides along the lakeshore and elsewhere (once my brakes are fixed, of course).

We’ll also bike out to High Park again to enjoy Shakespeare in High Park, which was a lot of fun last year. They’re putting on Hamlet! Pay what you can, check it out and bring some wine and cheese!


More camping with friends, and finally going rockclimbing outside! Last year my back’s health wasn’t the best, so I didn’t feel comfortable doing it. This year? I’m in.

Also, lots of hiking if possible (though I do work weekends).


Spending time at the cottage! We’re definitely going to be there for a couple days in July, and hopefully once we’ve moved back to Ottawa in August. I miss that place so much.

Happy Doughnut Day! Gloryhole Doughnuts in Toronto - JanessaMann.Com

Check out random stores – we went to the Toronto Designer’s Market and lots of antique stores last week. It’s super cool to see all the stuff there.


Celebrate our first anniversary!!!!!!!!

Nadege and Trinity Bellwoods

Nadege Toronto & Trinity Bellwoods Park
Matcha green tea and rose macarons at Nadege

My friend Alina was in town Thursday to write an exam, and our schedules happened to line up for coffee! I hadn’t seen her since the fall, so it was really great to catch up with her again, since she was such a great friend in undergrad.

We decided to go to Nadege on Queen st West, by Trinity Bellwoods park. I’d seen quite a few people on Instagram post their French macarons, and I haven’t had one in ages, so this was the perfect excuse!  My macarons (green tea matcha and rose) were delicious. Couldn’t have made it better (but I am looking forward to baking more of them with Kelsey next year!)

Nadege Toronto & Trinity Bellwoods Park


Nadege Toronto & Trinity Bellwoods Park



Nadege Toronto & Trinity Bellwoods Park

Rainy Sunday Walk


This past Sunday I had a terrible migraine. Since sleeping and Advil wasn’t helping, we decided to go for a walk in the rain. It ended up being exaclty what I needed, and we checked out Creeds Coffee Bar along the way.


For May I am taking part in #mayibeginyoga2016, hosted by @kinoyoga and @beachyogagirl, for a chance to win gift cards to their yoga apparel companies!


Rainy Sunday Walk - JanessaMann.ComRainy Sunday Walk - JanessaMann.Com

Rainy Sunday Walk - JanessaMann.Com
Creeds Coffee Bar

I accidentally took the picture of our drinks on the wrong setting, so it’s just black. Really? C’mon, camera, how can you not automatically say “I know that’s the wrong setting, let me fix that for you.” Oh, that’s Auto. Oops.

Anyway, my chai latte was delicious, and Nic liked his cappucino.

February Favourites

February Favourites - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.ca

February has been a pretty good month for me. My family came to visit, I went to #emptyROM, Nic and I tried out some new coffeeshops (Black Cat Espresso, Box Car Social, and Settlement Co), and I achieved some fitness goals!

February Favourites - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.ca
I love to read, and I’m currently working on my “What I Read in February” post. I also like to use the hashtag #whatjanessareads on Instagram, so you can always see some of the books I’m reading, or check me out on GoodReads. 
I’m currently trying to follow through on my goal of reading all the Canada Reads 2016 books, and “Birdie” by Tracey Lindberg is the second one I’m on.  
Check out my January books post.
February Favourites - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.ca

In yesterday’s post I talked about getting selected to go to #emptyROM, which was a super awesome event where about 10 of us got to go into the dinosaur room before the museum opened and photograph everything without having people in our shots. It was a lot of fun! 

February Favourites - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.ca

For my product favourites, I don’t have many, but I do love these!
Joe Fresh Matte Sheer Tint in “bisque” – I was so excited to see that this BB cream lasts through a workout! And by workout I mean everything from yoga to legs day to stairmaster! I’m so happy with the results! It also doesn’t get too matte, so I don’t get dry patches.
NYX HD Concealer in CW01 – I haven’t found a concealer I like in a long time, so I was delighted to find this on sale at my Shoppers (so glad NYX is now here at Shoppers!). The colour is a great match for my under-eyes, and also lasts pretty well on any imperfections.
MAC “Kinda Sexy” matte finish – My favourite nude
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in “Diffused Heat” – This will probably always be my favourite blush. It’s so perfect to give you a great flush and glow with the gold streaked through it.
Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm with Vitamin E – just love.

February Favourites - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.ca

Nic’s been growing this adorable sweet potato vine! I can’t wait until we have tons of vine to drape around everything. 

February Favourites - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.ca

When we were in Dollarama a couple of weeks ago, Nic decided he would buy this trellis for his golden pothus. It really adds a lot of character to our white bathroom!

February Favourites - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.ca

I have gotten really into Crosswords this month. Yes, I sometimes cheat, but it’s really cool to notice how now I’m getting the hang of the secret language of crossword clues.