My Makeup Brush Collection and Care!

Makeup Brush Collection and Care - JanessaMann.Com

A short while ago I posted my vanity tour, and promised that I would be featuring my brushes and brush care soon. I have quite a few brushes in comparison with many women, but I don’t have any doubles. That would probably be useful!

Real Techniques Core Collection Set

I ordered the Real Techniques core collection on Amazon a few years ago.

Contour Brush – I alternate using this for my matte or shimmery bronzers
Buffing brush – what I use for my foundation brush
Pointed foundation brush – my under-eye concealer
Detailer brush – If I’m putting eye shadow under my eyes

Sephora brushes

Sephora #55 Pro Airbrush – for blush, soooo soft
#49 Pro Angled Brush – Contour
#73 Classic Crease Brush  – definitely can tell it’s worse quality than the pros, so someday I’ll invest in a pro one.

The Body Shop

Blusher Brush – Do not buy this for a blush brush. I now use it for my translucent powder.
Slant – Perfect for eye shadow liner

Sonia Kashuk, Loose Button & Quo

The only brush I use from these four is the Quo shadow brush, which gets the job done, but I definitely need another one, or to clean my brushes more frequently.

Wash with baby shampoo and warm water

Don’t bother buying expensive brush cleaners- baby shampoo works really well, and it has to be super gentle. I haven’t had any fiber loss over the 2+ years I’ve had most of these brushes, and it’s very cheap. I use Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo- the same $5 bottle I bought two years ago is still going strong!

Don’t go too hot on the water or it can damage the fibers. Keep on lathering and rinsing until the brushes are back to their original colour.

Letting it dry

I always set my brushes on a towel on the windowsill to dry over night. If you can, wash them once a week to prevent buildup of product and acne, but I usually go for twice a month.

Our Kitchen Herb Garden

Kitchen Herb Garden

What’s better than fresh herbs for your cooking? Not much. Nic and I picked up some more potting soil, a window planter, and four herbs to plant for our use this summer.


This is an adorable and perfect size for our kitchen window. We had thought about putting it outside in a real window box, but Nic pointed out we wouldn’t use it much then. You have to go around outside the building, unlock the gate to the alley, and then get what you need. We decided to use the windowsill instead, which will be much more convenient, and we get to enjoy the scents more!


We got basil, mint, lavendar, and parsley. This is going to be a great summer! I already used the mint last night for some fresh tea with honey.


Want some gardening resources?

  • You Grow Girl with Gayla Trail – I have her book by that name, and she also has an Instagram which documents her urban organic gardening in Toronto
  • My Pinterest plants board
  • Grow It – helps you determine which plants will do best in your area, and crowd-source answers to your gardening questions
  •  Inhabitat Herb Garden Infographic – lots of info on when in the year to grow, how to propagate, etc.
  • Homegrown Remedies” Anne McIntyre – includes recipes and tips on what to grow together


Marble Easter Egg DIY

Marble Easter Egg DIY -
Do you love Easter and Easter eggs? I do! Keep reading to find a super cool way to decorate your eggs this year!
Marble Easter Egg DIY - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.Ca

I spent several days looking at different and cool ways to do Easter eggs. As you can see on my Pinterest board, you can use natural dyes (plants and spices), gold leaf, decoupage, or my favourite but most complicated, Ukrainian Easter eggs. In order to make it a super cheap DIY, I went with this awesome marbled egg design.

What you need:
Real, hardboiled eggs, or fake eggs with smooth surfaces
A container you’re okay to throw out
Room-temperature water (the nail polish will sink if the water is cold)
Nail polish of your choice
A stirring stick
A tray to hold the eggs while they dry
Rubber gloves

Marble Easter Egg DIY - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.Ca

Pour several drops of the nail polish into the water. Let it spread out by itself first on the top of the water, and then stir it so that you get a cooler design.

Marble Easter Egg DIY - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.Ca

The nailpolish makes a film on the water, so when you dip the eggs in a spot, that’s what you’re getting. You can do one side at a time, then lay the egg down to dry. They dry relatively quickly, and then you can get to the other side.

Keep in mind: sometimes there is a very, very faint layer of nailpolish in the surface which will make the drops not spread out properly. Clear away the film before you go again.

Marble Easter Egg DIY - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.Ca

Don’t you just love that bunny cookie jar and bunny bank? You can tell I have a thing for bunnies.

Marble Easter Egg DIY - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.Ca

Marble Easter Egg DIY - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.Ca

I made this adorable centrepiece to go with it, and I love the white and blue theme.