A Walk in Cedarvale Ravine - JanessaMann.Com

A Walk in Cedarvale Ravine

A Walk in Cedarvale Ravine - JanessaMann.Com

Nic and I live near the Cedarvale Ravine in Toronto, which was one of the big draws of the area. From tip to tip it’s about a half hour walk, and for most of the time you can’t tell that you are in a city. When we went for this walk yesterday morning, I told Nic that it was definitely good for my mental health.

A Walk in Cedarvale Ravine - JanessaMann.Com

We’ve started going on walks every day, which is definitely my favourite part of the day since we get to catch up on lots of stuff in our lives and focus only on each other. I also need doses of nature to keep myself happy living in Toronto.


This red-winged blackbird posed for me for about five minutes! I wish I had a telephoto lens so I could get even better nature photography!


I love swinging, and had a blast on this. It’s the simple things!

Raybans RB4184 Wayfarers in Tortoise: Lenscrafters
Cropped boat-cut top: H&M
Paisley skirt: thrift store from years ago, and I hemmed it so it’s knee-length
T-strap Birkenstocks: SoftMoc

A Walk in Cedarvale Ravine - JanessaMann.Com

All the blossoms were a little tired after the 27* weather, but they’ve bounced back in my bud vases at home.

Watch: Stuhrling Men’s Original 884.01
Turquoise ring: The Patch at Sauble Beach
Thin wedding band: W Jewellery
Silver bracelets: assorted from family

Christmas in Ottawa

Nic and I were very thankful to go home to Ottawa for a week and a half over Christmas. Our parents still live there, so we had a lot of fun.

The Cobers

Nic’s dad does Bonsai, and this is his gorgeous jade
Pileated woodpecker

One of my favourite aspects of Ottawa is the Greenbelt, which is a protected natural area surrounding the city. My parents live an easy drive away for hiking in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter.

It was surprisingly cold

Snow, at last!

I love feeding chickadees in my hand!
Mann stockings

My brother and sister-in-law arrived, so we had Christmas with them, next.

Nic’s loving the foot of snow that dropped!
The Manns
National Gallery of Art

Deanna wanted to see the Art Gallery, which is always one of my favourite places to go.