Touring Around Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County - JanessaMann.Com

July 7-9, Nic and I drove down to Prince Edward County with our friends Ivania and Nick. It was my first time going on a wine tour and being in that area, and we had a lot of fun.

Saturday morning started at Waupoos Winery, which is right on the water. It’s a beautiful location, and they were setting up for a wedding! A wedding there would be so wonderful! We paid $5 each for a quick tour which explained how the wine is made, and then tried 2 whites and 2 reds. For red wines, we tried Red Rabbit 2016 and the Flirty Red. The white wines we tried the honeysuckle 2015, and Marquette 2016. The wines they shared are probably a little too complicated for me: I’m a lover of Rieslings and Gewurtztraminers.

One of our favourite parts of the winery was their petting zoo across the road! We got to pet some adorable baby goats and hung out with some chickens.

The County Cider Company was a quick drive away, up the hill. Again for $5, we got a flight of 4 ciders. Each of them was delicious, and we purchased a 4-pack. We ate our picnic lunch in their field (and got chased off once we were mostly done) instead of eating at their outdoor patio, which smelled delicious. Oops. Next time we’ll have to go to their patio!

They sell the Premium Cider at the LCBO and I”ll have to try it there! County pear is delish, and so are Tortured Path, County Premium, and Feral. We bought blood orange, too, and I’m pumped to try them out. Definitely good ciders.

The Kinsip Distillery (formerly 66 Gillead) was a cool spot. Nic had been there a few weeks before for a bachelor party, and he was adamant we needed to return. He was right. The bartender explained that even though their vodka had wheat in it, the distilling process removes the gluten, so I felt safe taking a taste. I loved their pine-infused vodka, and I look forward to trying it in a ceasar as they suggested! We’ve purchased that. I also really, really love their re-branding-I can’t wait to finish our bottle since he said the new branding for that vodka will be out this summer!

We also checked out the Grange (a disappointment), Hinterland Wineries (their Borealis and Whitecap sparkling wine are delicious), and Norman Hardie, where we purchased their Riesling.

The Drake Devonshire -
*cheering emoji*

For our 5a7, we booked in at the Drake Devonshire in Wellington. Check out my review! Supper was on the patio of the Agrarian, which was nice, but we probably wouldn’t repeat it due to weird service interactions and not being able to do necessary substitutions.

I can’t wait to go again next year! I’d love to check out some more, and I’m sure I’ll want to re-purchase some of the items you can’t get in the LCBO yet!

Exploring Toronto’s Distillery District

On Saturday Nic and I decided to go to Toronto’s Distillery District. I’ve heard lots about it, but mostly at Christmastime. When we arrived, we realized that there were Pan Am Games stuff happening, so it was a little busier than we would have liked. However, we had a nice afternoon walking around the shops (finding some REALLY weird things in them), had drinks on a patio, and stopped for soft serve on the way home. 
Locks of love in the district
Weird wooden penis bottle openers. Only $30. 
I love looking through vintage stores, and this place (other than the penises) had some very beautiful things.
Patio season

 Nic and I love patios, and since my lower back was getting real tired, we decided to stop and get a beer. I don’t like beer, so I was going to order a raspberry lemonade that had liquor, but Nic suggested I get the “beermosa,” which was on special at the time. Whoops. A wheat ale and pineapple juice doesn’t sound that bad, but I had to force it down, to make us feel like we hadn’t wasted $5. Better luck next time, Mill Street Pub.

As it seems from the last time I posted an outfit, all I wear in public is my black maxi skirt from Costa Blanca (loved their going out of business sale, even though it means they’re gone), as well as this grey crop from H&M. Lipstick is Revlon Lasting Finish by Kate #110.