Our bunny Pekoe!

On June 11, 2017, Nic and I headed over to the Ottawa Humane Society to adopt a bunny. I saw Hazel (her name there) huddled in a corner of a cage, and knew she would be the one. I picked her up, and she nuzzled right in. The poor baby had a shaved patch on her stomach and back from where she was spayed and micro-chipped, and her bones stuck out of her back. She also wouldn’t stop shaking. Nic and I immediately got the paperwork started.

We decided to change her name, and went with Pekoe, as in orange pekoe tea. She was born February 9, 2017, so she’s about 5 months old. I’m glad we were able to adopt a baby, because it’s such a fun time. We were told they didn’t know why she was up for adoption, but was transferred in from Toronto. They also said she was a netherland dwarf/rex mix. Now that I’ve done some research, I’ve determined that is incorrect: she’s actually a silver marten bunny.

Pekoe - JanessaMann.Com

I had a bunny, Gypsy, when I was growing up, and she was an adorable sassy princess (like really, she sat on her throne and surveyed us) but I didn’t quite understand rabbit language at that time. Now it’s been super cool to understand when Pekoe wants certain things, and being a lot more comfortable handling her. She also isn’t a dwarf, so she likes to cuddle. That’s key.

Litter training with the bunbun took a couple weeks of catching her pooping elsewhere, putting her in the litter box, and dropping her (dry) poop in with her. I think shame does wonders for litter training. She’s been wonderful to have around, so great to come home to and spend lots of time cuddling. She’s even picked up on my morning routine, I let her tear around my office after her breakfast for the time it takes to do my makeup, and then she hopes right back in. Smart bun!

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