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July Books - JanessaMann.Com

In July I read 16 books, and I boosted my GoodReads 2016 challenge from 100 to 150 books. I’m now at 116, and still going strong. There were a bunch of duds in my to-read list, so some I pushed through (“The Goddess Test” and “Bone and Bread,”) and some I just stopped reading .

“Bone and Bread” – Saleema Nawaz [3/5]
Since this is the 14/15 Canada Reads books, I had to keep going even though it was both depressing and kind of confusing. The book takes place in Montreal and Ottawa, around Quebec’s attempts to separate from Canada. We start the book discovering Beena’s sister has died from prolonged years of anorexia. Quickly we also find out that Beena’s dad died when they were young, and when Beena and Sadhana serve their mom a chicken on her birthday, she dies. Beena is an orphan at age 16-and-gets knocked up. Yup, pretty depressing book. It’s also super confusing with the jumps in time.

“206 Bones” Temperance Brennan #12 – Kathy Reichs [3/5]

“How to Be an American Housewife” – Margaret Dilloway [3/5]

“Buying on Time” – Antanas Sileika [3/5]

“The Goddess Test” Goddess Test #1 – Aimee Carter [2/5]
They could have done this a lot better. It’s a modern take on Hades and Persephone-Kate trade’s herself in order to save her friend’s life. She promises she will stay with Henry (or Hades) every winter for eternity, and needs to pass certain challenges to be allowed to stay. We don’t find out what the challenges were until at the end, and you feel so uncomfortable about the Stockholm Syndrome the whole time.

July Books - JanessaMann.Com

“The Devil’s Queen: A Novel of Catherine de Medici” – Jeanne Kalogridis [4/5]
This book was really interesting. I haven’t read much in that era that wasn’t based around England, so it was cool to learn more Italian and French history. I love how historical novelists will pick and choose which rumors to decide are truth-Kalogridis showed Catherine as sacrificing a pregnant prostitute during some black magic in order to have her own children. The novel was well-written and super juicy.

“Digging Up Bones” Birdwell, Texas Mysteries #1 – Aimee Gilchrest [3/5]

“Working Stiff” Mattie Winston Mysteries #1 – Annelise Ryan [4/5]
This was a fun new murder mystery series for me. Mattie Winston is a former ER/Surgery nurse who ends up working for her friend at the coroner’s office. Her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s girlfriend happens to be Mattie’s first dead body.

“A Disguise to Die For” Costume Shop Mystery #1 – Diane Vallere [3/5]

“Terror in Taffeta” – Marla Cooper [4/5]

“Daisies for Innocence” Enchanted Garden Mystery #1 – Bailey Cattrell [4/5]

“Alice in Wonderland” – Lewis Carroll [2/5]

“A Murder in Time” Kendra Donovan #1 – Julie McElwain [5/5]
This book was a surprise-Kendra is an FBI profiler who goes on the run to catch a bad guy. In the process, she goes through a time portal, back to 1815 England. Kendra is mistaken for a maid. During her time, she ends up hunting for a serial killer of prostitutes. She’s a badass, and definitely shocking for the people in 1815. But be warned, some of it is definitely too creepy to read right before bed.

“His Majesty’s Hope” Maggie Hope Mystery #3 – Susan Elia MacNeal [5/5]
I really can’t get enough of this series. This book, Maggie is the first British woman to be sent over the lines as a spy into Germany, to retrieve important information. She ends up befriending her half-sister-their mother is high up in the Nazi party, and presumed dead in England.

“Death of Riley” Molly Murphy Mysteries #2 – Rhys Bowen [3/5]

“Me Before You” – Jojo Moyes [5/5]
I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this book, since I expected it to be very Notebook-ish, but I cried the whole time. Lou Clark is hired to be a caregiver for Will Traynor, a quadriplegic who is understandably very upset with his new lifestyle. Definitely a very emotional read.

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