Summer Outfits

Summer Outfits - JanessaMann.Com
Fresh pineapple juice in a pineapple

Sometimes I go super casual- Ottawa Senators cap and this striped, strappy crop top. I wear it at the beach, I wear it for working out, and with maxi skirts.

Summer Outfits - JanessaMann.Com

Gap striped tank and Forever 21 shorts

Summer Outfits - JanessaMann.Com

Grey v-neck from Gap and Forever 21 joggers

Summer Outfits - JanessaMann.Com

Crop tops always for the summer – the paisley skirt was from a thrift store, but the scoop neck crop is one of those super cheap ones from H&M. Score.

Summer Outfits - JanessaMann.Com

This outfit absolutely felt like I was some Arabian princess-with the Samurai top-knot, crop top, and the maxi skirt.

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