El Rincon – Margarita Monday and Taco Tuesday

El Rincon - JanessaMann.Com

The other day when we were walking through our neighbourhood, we spotted a sign at El Rincon saying they had a back patio. Nic and I love to eat “al fresco,” so I checked them out. Turns out they have $5 margaritas on Mondays, and $2 tacos on Tuesdays. We quickly decided to go there for a couple dates, and really enjoyed it.

Yes, there were supposed to be lots more photos, but I did a newb photography mistake of thinking I had uploaded all the pictures from that day (I had the earlier ones, why wouldn’t I have the evening ones? gah!) and deleted them. I even had adorable outfit pictures with a neighbourhood cat who really wanted to sniff my feet.

El Rincon - JanessaMann.Com

The margaritas were deeeelish, and so were the tacos. You ordered four of a kind (which is too bad, I miss Taco Farm in Waterloo where you can get as many of whatever you want), so we split the veggie and chicken ones. Both had great flavours, and I found out I like Modelo beers (their coronas weren’t cold, and I thought I was agreeing to warmer Coronas, not a different beer. Oops, coulda saved $4+ tip and tax).

El Rincon - JanessaMann.Com

Both times we’ve been at the restaurant we’ve enjoyed ourselves. It’s so chill in the back with the latin music, and everyone is loving the food and alcohol. If you’re looking for a cheap night with a date or friends, definitely check them out!

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