What I Read in June – Done 100 Books for 2016!

What I Read in June - JanessaMann.Com

Six months into the year and I have read 100 novels and non-fiction books. Wow. I’m definitely under-employed and bored from my job. Now that I’ve hit my goal of 100 in 2016, I’ll probably re-adjust to be 150 or so since I start grad school in September. I probably won’t read for fun much then. In undergrad I did read for amusement, but it wasn’t my priority. I read 14 books in June, plus a few that I cut off after 20% of the book because they weren’t great. This month I’ll only include a couple reviews because I’ve definitely gotten tired of writing all those paragraphs.

“Rule of Two” Star Wars: Darth Bane #2 – Drew Karpyshan

“Grace Among Thieves” Manor House Mystery #3 – Julie Hyzy [4/5]

“Razing the Dead” Museum #5 – Sheila Connolly [4/5]

“Out of Circulation” Cat in the Stacks #4 – Miranda James [3/5]

What I Read in June - JanessaMann.Com

“Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” – Elizabeth Gilbert [1/5]
This book had been recommended to me by several people. I thought it was terrible. Gilbert wrote “Eat, Pray, Love,” which I vaguely enjoyed. If I wanted to do a creative profession right now or was at a creative block, maybe I would have enjoyed it. However, I found myself gritting my teeth to get through the 100+ pages.

“Undead and Unemployed” Undead #2 – MaryJanice Davidson [4/5]

“The Amazing Absorbing Boy” Rabindranath Maharaj [3/5]
I have 2 Canada Reads books to read after this one, I’m so close! This book is about a boy who emigrates to Canada to be with his inventor father. Turns out his father has been unemployed all the years he’s been there, and Samuel ends up making the money for them. The book is full of interesting imagery drawn from the comic books he found in Trinidad as a child. Wasn’t my top 5 for the Canada Reads list, but still interesting.

“Woman: An Intimate Geography” – Natalie Angier [4/5]
Angier’s huge book discusses different topics about women’s bodies-how we become female in the womb, hormones, sex, and it’s all very well-researched and explained. It was so empowering to learn so many cool facts about my body! My only gripe was that it was incredibly heteronormative- all the relationships she would mention (except a few) were between a man and a woman. Maybe it would have made the book longer to include other options, but I was disappointed on that missed mark.

“The War Against Miss Winter” Rosie Winter #1 – Kathryn Miller Haines [4/5]
Rosie Winter lives in New York during 1943. She’s a struggling actress who works as a secretary for a private detective. Her boss shows up dead, and she discovers his underhanded involvement with the mafia, and sets out to prove his death was murder, not a suicide. It’s a pretty fun book, so I look forward to reading the next ones in the series.

What I Read in June - JanessaMann.Com
I started this just before the month ended, and spent the day I finished it bawling.

“The Book of Lost Tales, Part 1” History of Middle-Earth #1 – J.R.R. Tolkien [3/5]
If you’re a super nerd, this series is wonderful. It’s a bunch of short stories Tolkien wrote to piece together his universe, and his son Christopher published posthumously. It wasn’t the most riveting read, but some stories I remembered references to, so that was good.

“Not the Killing Type” Booktown Mystery #7 – Lorna Barrett [3/5]

“Murder Most Howl” Paws and Claws Mystery #3 – Krista Davis [3/5]

“Basket Case” Silver Six Crafting Mystery #1 – Nancy Haddock [3/5]

“Feta Attraction” Greek to Me #1 – Susannah Hardy [3/5]

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