Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine - JanessaMann.Com

I recently had to restock some of my skincare favourites, so I decided I should post my current skincare routine. My skin is pretty sensitive so I can’t change up products frequently. I get a bit of hormonal (or chocolate-induced!) acne as well as some dehydrated patches.

Face Mask – Nutriganics Smoothing Mask from the Body Shop
Super helpful at getting impurities out of my skin. I often put it on before my shower, and then exfoliate it off.

Cleanser – MUJI Mild Oil Cleanser
Super great, gentle cleanser!

Exfoliator – cleanser and my washcloth
I tried a sample of one of First Aid Beauty’s exfoliators, and I would love to buy it, but it’s a little pricey.

Toner – apple cider vinegar and water
I just poured those into an old Body Shop bottle. It’s super gentle (and cheap!) and I just use it on a cotton pad.

Skincare Routine - JanessaMann.Com

Serum – The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate  When I was searching for the link, I got worried that it was gone. Nope, just re-packaged. I didn’t feel the need to search out a serum, but I got sucked in to the store’s buy 2 get 1 sale, and I’ve been happy with the results.

Moisturizer – MUJI Moisturizing Milk
A really nice, light moisturizer.

Sunscreen – Ombrelle
The only sunscreen that doesn’t give me a rash on my face. So, yeah, I use it regularly.

Heavy moisturizer – shea butter
Sometimes I get little patches of dryness, or as a reaction to something, so I put shea butter on.

Acne treatment – tea tree oil
So good for you!

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