My Makeup Brush Collection and Care!

Makeup Brush Collection and Care - JanessaMann.Com

A short while ago I posted my vanity tour, and promised that I would be featuring my brushes and brush care soon. I have quite a few brushes in comparison with many women, but I don’t have any doubles. That would probably be useful!

Real Techniques Core Collection Set

I ordered the Real Techniques core collection on Amazon a few years ago.

Contour Brush – I alternate using this for my matte or shimmery bronzers
Buffing brush – what I use for my foundation brush
Pointed foundation brush – my under-eye concealer
Detailer brush – If I’m putting eye shadow under my eyes

Sephora brushes

Sephora #55 Pro Airbrush – for blush, soooo soft
#49 Pro Angled Brush – Contour
#73 Classic Crease Brush  – definitely can tell it’s worse quality than the pros, so someday I’ll invest in a pro one.

The Body Shop

Blusher Brush – Do not buy this for a blush brush. I now use it for my translucent powder.
Slant – Perfect for eye shadow liner

Sonia Kashuk, Loose Button & Quo

The only brush I use from these four is the Quo shadow brush, which gets the job done, but I definitely need another one, or to clean my brushes more frequently.

Wash with baby shampoo and warm water

Don’t bother buying expensive brush cleaners- baby shampoo works really well, and it has to be super gentle. I haven’t had any fiber loss over the 2+ years I’ve had most of these brushes, and it’s very cheap. I use Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo- the same $5 bottle I bought two years ago is still going strong!

Don’t go too hot on the water or it can damage the fibers. Keep on lathering and rinsing until the brushes are back to their original colour.

Letting it dry

I always set my brushes on a towel on the windowsill to dry over night. If you can, wash them once a week to prevent buildup of product and acne, but I usually go for twice a month.

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