A Camp Wedding

On the Saturday of the May Long Weekend, my friends Sarah and Cody got married at the camp we worked at. Sarah and I spent 5 years on staff together. I hadn’t been back since my “graduation” ceremony 3 years ago, so this was a little weird to be back there. The wedding was a lot of fun and I got to hang out both with my friends from Silver Lake, and people from my university residence. A Wedding at Camp - JanessaMann.Com

For four of the five years on staff I was a lifeguard. My final summer on staff I was also the Waterfront Director, which meant I was in charge of the swimming pond, activities 0n the lake, and all the first aid stuff. It was a really cool but challenging job. I definitely miss the hot days guarding from in the pond because we wanted relief from sitting up on the chairs!

A Wedding at Camp - JanessaMann.Com

That rack of canoes is emotional for me- it’s where I slipped my disc in my lumbar spine. I spent some time sitting on the dock in prayer, thanking God for how far I’ve come since that day 5 summers ago.

DSC_5975_20160521_143802A Wedding at Camp - JanessaMann.Com

Sarah was a beautiful bride!


Silver Lakers so happy for Sarah


They had set the dining room up with three long tables. One of the women who used to be on staff was the caterer, and it was delicious. They also had tons of beautiful flowers.


After the ceremony and dinner there was dancing until midnight, and then we hung out on the dock. It was a great day!

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