DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

DIY Valentine's Day Cards - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.Ca
One of my favourite things to do is to make my own cards. Whenever I run out of my packages of blank cards and envelopes from Michael’s, and have to give someone a card, I feel disappointed. How can I find the exact words I want to say in a store-bought card? It’s impossible. 
I’m just way better of an artist and writer. 
DIY Valentine's Day Cards - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.Ca
If you are in a pinch, you can always buy the packages that every store seems to sell, but there are always a bunch of duds in there. What you can do, is take a picture of it, or buy it and scan it, and recreate whichever card you liked most. 
In all seriousness, receiving a handmade card is a lot more heartfelt- even if you’re terrible at drawing, and you just scribbled a heart on a piece of scrap paper and folded it in half, you cared enough to do so. 
DIY Valentine's Day Cards - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.Ca

There are many different routes you can go with Valentines, and my favourite is the funny way. Of course, I don’t mind the cheesy ones, but it’s way more fun to be sassy and unexpected, so most of the ideas posted above are humorous (hah, get it? with the skeleton?).

Looking for inspiration? Check out my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board here, and you’ll find some of the sources. Another great source for inspiration (other than wandering the aisles of card stores) is Etsy.

Once you have ideas that you like, practice them- or just free-hand it. I tried doing a cat for one of my friends, but it was her cat, so it actually had to look right. And she has a Persian, which I’d never drawn before. I’m still working on that one.

Michael’s has lots of different options for packages of envelopes and blank cards (sizes, colours etc.) so check them out. If you’re not mailing the card, you can always just use construction paper, or any other paper you find to draw on.

DIY Valentine's Day Cards - TheCraftyMann.Blogspot.Ca
The cards I drew above are:
-Dinosaurs “I’m horny.” “You always are.”
-Dat Ass Tho
-You are the ketchup to my fries!
I drew the cards, wrote my messages, and popped them in the mail for my 3 bridesmaids because we don’t live in the same city, and they’re my best friends. 

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