DIY Frank’s Coffee Scrub!

DIY Frank's Cofee Scrub -
Last year in preparation for my wedding I was looking for things to help treat my bacne (it sucks that working out for your wedding creates other problems!) and lighten some scarring. One of my friends suggested using Frank’s’ Coffee Scrub, but said that it was hard to ship it to Canada, and expensive. Of course, I had to find my own recipe! 
Coffee scrubs help activate your cellulite, so it’ll firm up your skin (for a short time), and it also did a lot of great work with my bacne. 
DIY Frank's Cofee Scrub -

Coffee grounds – when I remember to make this, I recycle our coffee grounds instead of composting them
Oil – Most recipes I found suggested coconut oil, but since I’m allergic, I use olive oil
Sugar – Granular sugars are great to the more scrubbing action

DIY Frank's Cofee Scrub -

Mix it all together!

DIY Frank's Cofee Scrub -

When using this in the shower, make sure to do it after you’ve cleaned your hair, or else you’ll get the oil from the scrub into your hair. Sometimes this is awesome for my hair, other times it looks dirtier!
At first I was worried my parents wouldn’t be happy I was rinsing so much coffee down their drains, but I found out coffee grounds help clear out drains! So not only are you getting rid of dead skin, minimizing cellulite, and smelling delicious, you’re also cleaning the drains.
That said, it was much easier cleaning up from that at my parents’ place, where I had an enclosed shower with walls. In our current bathroom, we have a claw-foot tub and curtains, so I have to be very particular about how I apply and rinse the scrub.

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