DIY Matcha Green Tea Lattes

DIY Matcha Green Tea Lattes -
For Christmas I asked for matcha green tea. I’ve always wanted to get some, but it’s more expensive than usual tea, so it wasn’t in the budget. Nic’s parents bought me Grand Cru Matcha from DavidsTea, They also got me a bamboo spoon, whisk, and a bowl from Teavana to prepare it in. 
DIY Matcha Green Tea Lattes -
Grand Cru Matcha, bamboo scoop, whisk, and bowl

In my year before university, I worked full-time at Starbucks. I got very frustrated cleaning the container for the matcha powder, so I decided I needed to test out my nemesis (it poofs powder everywhere if you’re not careful). It turned out to be delicious!

Matcha is essentially the espresso of green tea: it’s super highly concentrated, so with just hot water it can be pretty overwhelming if you’re not a plain green tea drinker. Some people sweeten it with agave or honey, but I like it the way it is.

There are lots of health benefits to matcha, so check them out!

DIY Matcha Green Tea Lattes -

To make the green tea latte, start with a couple scoops of matcha, and mix it with a tablespoon or so of hot water.

DIY Matcha Green Tea Lattes -

Whisk the matcha and hot water well, to remove any chunks, and get that beaaaautiful froth going. You can use a regular whisk, of course, but since I got this adorable bamboo one, I had to use it.

DIY Matcha Green Tea Lattes -

I heat up the amount of milk that I want on the stove or in the microwave, and gently pour it into the frothed tea.

DIY Matcha Green Tea Lattes -

Obviously you can pour it into a real mug and drink it from there, but I love how beautiful this bowl is, so I just drink it straight from there.
Let me know if you’ve tried them before or make them at home!

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