Gift ideas for book-lovers!

I’m not doing a gift guide like lots of bloggers and YouTubers do, since I can’t really afford to buy random gifts to show, and I don’t want to show what I’m giving my family. I decided instead to do a virtual gift idea list for book lovers. 
You can buy them popular books, but make sure to give them a gift receipt and check their Goodreads account (if they have one) to see if they’ve read it. Instead, buy them a gift card from their favourite bookstore (bonus if it’s a local store, like Words Worth Books in Waterloo). 

Book lovers who also love baths:
Bath pillow or a bath caddy (some caddies have holders for your e-books now, which is super cool).

Those who brunch:
Breakfast tray for when you’re reading in bed. It’s also super handy for getting your laptop to be at the right angle when you’re Netflix-and-Chill-ing.

Those who cook:
A cookbook holder. I got mine for $5 at Winners or Home Sense. I bought it while doing my thesis and would use it to stand up the books I was taking research notes from.

Those who read lots of books:
An e-reader. Yes, I said it. I love my KOBO Aura to death because it allows me to check out 30 books from the Ottawa and Toronto libraries without leaving my home, and I don’t have to carry a ton of them at once. Obviously this gift is a lot more expensive than the rest of them on the list.
If you are shopping for someone who already has an e-reader, find out if they have a cover for it. My cover is hard and has an elastic band to close it, which I use to hold on so it doesn’t fall and break.
You can also get Amazon gift cards so they can buy e-books.

Those who love art:
I love my art coffee table books, but I also loved hopping on the colouring book train. I do love to colour. You can buy colouring books pretty much anywhere now. My current book is “Creatures Great and Small” by Lucy Engelman.

Those English Students:
For the snobby readers, find vintage copies of Classics. You can find hidden gems at thrift stores, and that’s how most of my Classics collection has gone.

Those who decorate:
Book ends! In fourth year I asked my parents to make me a golden dinosaur bookend set to match the golden dinosaur lamp I made. They are very easy to make: cut dinosaur in half and glue to blocks of wood.

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