Crocheted snowflakes – DIY Christmas Ornament

Last summer I had decided to learn to crochet, because I heard that it was less horrible than knitting. I tried it for a weekend, and then got a full-time job, and quickly forgot about it.
This Thanksgiving I had my parents bring my box of yarn, knitting, and crocheting supplies so I could try my hand at it again because I was craving some creative expression.
I fell in love with crocheting.

I’m working on a large grey pouf right now (but I need more yarn, waiting for a good Michael’s coupon to come out), but I also made these white snowflakes to attach to the gifts we’re giving this year.
I followed some patterns and then also came up with some of my own once I understood crocheting better. I can bang a simpler one out in less than 20 minutes, so once you’re fast, it’s super easy. I could probably make a garland in a couple nights, if I liked garlands.

The wrapping paper scheme I went for this year was red plaid (dollar section at Michael’s) and gold (IKEA). I haven’t put all the bows on the presents since we’re taking the Greyhound home for Christmas, but I’ll use that white ribbon to attach the snowflakes.

Here are various tutorials I used:
Easy Peasy Snowflake – The Planet Pearl Living
Crochet Snowflake Coasters – Craft Passion
Simple Snowflake – Sarah London

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