Dignify Blanket – Kantha Throw

As a wedding present, Nic’s cousin Rachel bought us a gift certificate for a kantha throw from Dignify. It took us a long time to decide on which beautiful blanket we wanted, but we finally ordered one. 
Here is some information about the company:
We sell premium quality, ethically made, fair trade kantha quilts. Call them whatever you want – kantha blankets, sari throws, “Indian blankets”, vintage sari kantha – all you need to know is:
  • They are hand-stitched in Bangladesh from six layers of reclaimed sari cloth.
  • The women who make them were previously living on the street, or working in sex work (often these go hand in hand), or in a vulnerable situation at risk of such.
(Check out the rest of their “About us” page)
Our cousin Rachel got us a gift certificate which covered the price of a throw and shipping. I kept on looking up different designs (they’re all so special!) and we finally settled on the beautiful blue one. 

I would definitely suggest checking out their site for lots of great gift ideas, like the one I screenshotted below.

Their Whiteout Ethical Gift Box includes a white kantha throw, a coffee mug, and ethically roasted fair trade coffee. They’re also selling adorable stockings for Christmas, as well as jewellery, and table runners.

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