The past month for my back injury – rehabbing all over again

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while or know me personally, you know that I’ve been struggling with a back injury for about 4 years. It comes and goes, and right now, it’s gone. I had been doing really well since the summer, and had even gotten to my goal of deadlifting 105lbs by December 1st, something I thought would be near to impossible for me to do.
Turns out, I was probably right. Since then, my back has been pretty bad. Some days I just lay in bed with my electric heating pad, and the days I worked I had to sit down at the front desk and drug myself on Aleve.

Just looking at this picture of what I carry in my gym bag makes me sad. I wish I got to do that again.

I’ve had a lot of baths recently which always helps calm me down, relax my back, and prep for some gentle yoga. I’ve also been using the heck out of my foam roller and softball to get at the knots. 
I really want to feel better soon, my energy gets so low when I don’t get to do physical activity. Monday afternoon I plan on going to my gym’s yoga class, hopefully it’ll be good for me. I need some endorphins up in here. 
The next steps for me will be lots of healing yoga to bring back some strength and movement, and then once I’m ready for weights again, work on my physical strength, not going for numbers like lowering my body fat percentage or how heavy I can squat or deadlift. 

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