Tuesday blues

This past Sunday my Grandpa passed away. Nic and I are flying out to Manitoba on Dad’s Aero points Thursday-Sunday. It’s too bad that this is the reason I’m bringing Nic to Manitoba for the first time. I am thankful though that Dad was able to fly out in time to say goodbye to his dad, and that Grandpa was able to come to my wedding.
Because of the schedule, I’ve been home alone a lot. Until something happens, I always forget how emotional I am, so I’m focusing on happy things, like learning to crochet (I made that snowflake!) and embroidering/x-stitching an ornament (it’ll be an “Our First Christmas” ornament).

The Manns at my wedding in June

Yes, I probably cut my bangs myself. And we’re so thankful that Mom and Dad repainted the living room and upgraded furniture! 
My baptism in grade 9

The beautiful thing Mom said when her father passed away (Opa is beside her), was that now he was with Jesus in Heaven, so we should be happy for him. I’m not ready to think that about Grandpa, but I am ready to pray for peace for the family.

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