Blaine and Leah’s Wedding

On Saturday, October 3rd my friends Blaine and Leah got married! I met Blaine in my first year at Conrad Grebel, and we bonded over working out, hockey, faith, and needing to study hard. I met Leah a bit after they started dating at Waterloo JazzFest, and they visited me last fall in Ottawa.
The two are a really great couple, and I’m so happy for them!

Delicious pretzels after the ceremony
Leah’s adorable shoes
Work it

Their kissing game involved rolling two die, to determine what weight and how many reps you would curl with that. Chris is holding a Leafs jersey behind me because I exsplained Blaine and I had bonded over our love for hockey, despite him choosing a worse team.

They’re so in love.
Blaine was one of my closest friends during undergrad

So happy to celebrate with him!

Sarah and Cody are adorable.

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