Toronto’s Buskerfest

We love freshly squeezed lemonade.
This weekend was Toronto’s Buskerfest. Nic and I decided to stop in on our way to my eye appointment at the Eaton Centre’s Lenscrafters, and we were glad we did. 

OOTD: Costa Blanca cami
Pleather motorcycle jacket from Forever21
Jeans from Winners

We got a blooming onion

Nic always talks about how delicious the blooming onions are, and since we were hungry, we decided we “needed” to order one. It’s exactly what it sounds and looks like: a large onion, sliced so you can pull it apart, and deep-fried. Delicious, but not nutritious.

He’s excited for the onion.
Something about spinning plates on those pipes.

 I wasn’t super enthused about the buskers we saw. If we had had more time, we would have listened to the bands, but the performers weren’t anything new. There were so many people out for the festival that you couldn’t see. (That picture is by holding the camera a meter above me, I didn’t actually see it.)

Grabbing money in the Car2Go booth

Nic and I have talked about getting a Car2Go membership to do errands in Toronto. They had a booth set up with a promotion of a $10 registration fee, instead of the usual $35, and half of it was going to Epilepsy Toronto.  You could also step into the booth to try to catch as many extra minutes as possible. I apparently did a lot better than most people, and got about 30 extra minutes. Score.

Reading break

After my eye appointment my eyes were fuzzy (stupid eyedrops) so when we stopped for our caffeine break, Nic read to me. That was nice. I needed that. He’s cute.

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