Exploring Toronto: St. Clair West

This Saturday Nic and I decided to go for a long walk in our neighbourhood, St. Clair West. We walk down that way frequently in the evening when we walk to Salsa lessons, but the stores are closed. We figured we’d stop in them.
St. Clair West is a really great neighbourhood, I’m happy that we live here! We’ve been having a lot of fun exploring our area. 
Nic in our alley

 What a cutie! Lol. I determined this would be a great spot for OOTDs. Not that I wanted one there.

Sea Witch

 We really want to go to the Sea Witch for dinner sometime, we are obsessed with fish and chips.


One of the consignment stores along St. Clair is Gypsy, they have lots of cool clothes. They’re currently having a sale on all clothes all August~!

Then we went into Caravan, which is the sister store to Gypsy. They have beautiful china, and other wonderful things.


What an adorable outfit, red tank from American Apparel, and high waisted shorts from Goodwill.

Krave Coffee

On our way back, we stopped at Krave Coffee, which is an adorable coffee shop, that has a beautiful design, and nice coffee. They let us taste their medium blend, and then Nic bought a bag for a good price, and we’re looking forward to going there some more!

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