Exploring Toronto’s Distillery District

On Saturday Nic and I decided to go to Toronto’s Distillery District. I’ve heard lots about it, but mostly at Christmastime. When we arrived, we realized that there were Pan Am Games stuff happening, so it was a little busier than we would have liked. However, we had a nice afternoon walking around the shops (finding some REALLY weird things in them), had drinks on a patio, and stopped for soft serve on the way home. 
Locks of love in the district
Weird wooden penis bottle openers. Only $30. 
I love looking through vintage stores, and this place (other than the penises) had some very beautiful things.
Patio season

 Nic and I love patios, and since my lower back was getting real tired, we decided to stop and get a beer. I don’t like beer, so I was going to order a raspberry lemonade that had liquor, but Nic suggested I get the “beermosa,” which was on special at the time. Whoops. A wheat ale and pineapple juice doesn’t sound that bad, but I had to force it down, to make us feel like we hadn’t wasted $5. Better luck next time, Mill Street Pub.

As it seems from the last time I posted an outfit, all I wear in public is my black maxi skirt from Costa Blanca (loved their going out of business sale, even though it means they’re gone), as well as this grey crop from H&M. Lipstick is Revlon Lasting Finish by Kate #110.

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