My current skincare routine – Bridal Beauty!!

My wedding is in 45 days, so I’ve kept my skincare routine very steady, since I get pretty reactive to new things, and I’d prefer to not have an eczema rash on my face in the wedding photos. (What a surprise.)

Cleanser: MUJI’s sensitive oil cleanser, which is really good at foaming, and doesn’t cause acne. I also switch it out with the Cerave cleanser, too. I don’t need a heavy-duty cleanser since I usually get one or two spots with my period, and more if I’ve binged on chocolate. Like Halloween and Easter. 
Spot Treatment: Always Tea Tree Oil. I think mine is from Bulk Barn. Don’t get it near your eyes. 
Toner: I filled an empty makeup remover bottle with half apple cidre vinegar and half water. I have only been doing it for a month, so I haven’t noticed if it’s made a huge difference. Supposedly it’s supposed to balance your pH. Or something. 
Serum: I use the Body Shop’s Olive Beautifying Oil to add moisture into my skin. If it’s winter, I’ll use a little more and not bother with a second moisturizer.

Moisturizer: I use both the day and night Aloe Soothing Creams from the Body Shop. When my skin is feeling dehydrated they’re not strong enough (so then I add in the olive oil stuff), but for the most part they are really great. I’ve never had an adverse reaction from them.

Eye Cream: What a surprise, more Body Shop. I use the Vitamin E eye cream, no complaints there.

Dark Spots: Every once in a while I get scars on my face from acne, and I found this one on sale at Shoppers: Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector. I never took before and after pictures, but I do notice when I no longer have to cover certain spots with concealer. I’m also trying it on my shoulders because I do get some bacne in the summer when I start sweating more.

Sunscreen: As I said, I have sensitive skin, so I have to be very careful what I’m putting on it, especially if I’m going to be sweating through it. I love my Ombrelle Ultra Fluid SPF 30. Unlike the body sunscreen, you have to shake this up a bunch, and rub it into your face a lot more. I do appreciate it as a foundation primer in the summer, because it dries very well. It’s oil-free and unscented so I don’t get breakouts from it, and layers well under and over makeup.

Mask: I basically go for whatever clay mask I can get cheap, but I’m working on this Body Shop Smoothing Mask. I’ll often apply it to cleansed skin before my shower, and then at the end of the shower I’ll exfoliate it off with a face cloth. It definitely helps calm breakouts.

Lip Scrub: Aside from making my own with sugar, I got Lush’s Mint Julep lip scrub. It’s delicious. Literally, you can lick up the leftovers.

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