My Engagement Ring

Finding an engagement ring I loved took a while, since I wanted something with a little personality and that I could continue to wear for a long time. If there had been a vintage ring in either of our families, I would have preferred that, but that wasn’t an option. I also knew I wanted white gold, since I generally wear silver jewellery with my skin tone. I also wanted a solitaire, and something that I would feel more comfortable wearing out and about. 

I found this ring at Peaces of Indigo’s Etsy site, and fell in love. This is the most similar listing she currently has on the site. 
The photos below are from our engagement shoot with Taylor Clark Photography.

2 thoughts on “My Engagement Ring

  1. But do be careful! My husband chose some, and they weren't my style at all. If you pay attention to what sort of jewellery she already has (if she wears any) then that can be a really good indicator. Or, like me, if she has a Pinterest board of jewellery, and lots of them are engagement rings…. 😉


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